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Here you will find resources and support for your church’s educational and formational ministries.

  1. BulletThe Updated “Guide” is Online!

  2.    Called To Educational and Formational Ministries: A Guide for Local Churches, Educators, and Youth Workers is now available for viewing and downloading here on the AUCE website. Its purpose is to guide churches, educators, youth workers, and others who wish to utilize best practices for engaging in educational and faith formational ministries in the church—everything from how to create a position description to interviewing to compensation guidelines and benefits and more. Click here to access “The Guide.”

  1. BulletFAITH PRACTICES now offers

  2. individual packages

  3. for specific age groups and settings for just $50 each! Click here for more information and to order.

  1. BulletThe Mid-Atlantic Association of United Church Educators has created a scholarship fund for Christian educators in memory of Norma Koenig.

  2. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for donation information.

  1. BulletThe UCC Christian Faith Formation Report is Available

  2.      Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi, Minister for Christian Faith Formation Research, has completed her report based on numerous interviews and survey results compiled over the course of this year with educators and experts within and beyond the UCC. Click here to download and read this comprehensive and insightful report. Click here for the abbreviated executive summary.

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Transition Plans for AUCE

Details below under AUCE NEWS!

Faith Forward 2014 in Nashville

Details below under AUCE NEWS!

e-Formation 2014 in Alexandria

Details below under AUCE NEWS!

  1. BulletRemembering Bob Koenig

  2.      Click here to read the obituary for this well-loved and long-time member of AUCE. Then click here to share your memory of Bob's impact on you, UCC educators, and the church, which will be shared in the next issue of the AUCE E-News and on the AUCE website.

  1. BulletA Letter to AUCE Members from Ivy Beckwith

  2.      Click here to read a letter of introduction from our new UCC Faith Formation Ministry Team Leader.

  1. BulletUse Your AUCE Membership Card to get teacher discounts!

  2.      Click here to see a list of over 50 retailers that offer discounts to teachers. Not a member of AUCE yet? Click here to download and print a membership form to fill out.

  1. BulletFaith Forward 2014 in Nashville

  2.      Join our very own Ivy Beckwith as she provides leadership for this event with Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, Mark Yaconelli, Dave Csinos, Anne Streaty Wimberly, and others. Visit the Faith Forward website to learn more. Early registration only costs $199 (first come, first served) -- don’t miss out!

  1. Bullete-Formation 2014 — Faith formation for a connected, digital world

  2. June 1-4 at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA

  3.      This annual event features educators who are versed in the digital world that share their knowledge, experience, and resources for use in the local church.

  1. BulletTransition Plans for AUCE’s New Structure & Renewed Focus

  2.      Click here to read about the changes proposed by the AUCE Coordinating Committee and how you can provide input. AUCE members will vote to approve these plans in April.