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Compensation Guidelines*

and Faith Formation Ministry Handbooks

     The "AUCE Guide," as it affectionately has come to be known, was originally written by AUCE members and national UCC staff in the 1980's. It was updated in 2000 and again in 2011 taking on the name, Called To Educational and Formational Ministries: A Guide for Local Churches, Educators, and Youth Workers. Even with minor updates over the years, it is already outdated. 

     While AUCE works on the best ways to use current technology to maintain updates, please take advantage of these three "Helpful Handbooks," based on the AUCE Guide with permission from AUCE, created by the Southern New England Conference UCC.

Faith Formation Leader's Handbook (*includes Compensation Guidelines)

Hiring a Faith Formation and/or Youth Ministry Leader

Youth Ministry Leader's Handbook

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