COVID-19 Resources

for Church Educators and Faith Formation Practitioners

Curated specifically for faith formation practitioners 

to support their ministries and their families at home

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Talking with children during pandemic times to help them stay calm and grounded


               Join Chris Davies (Faith INFO), Rev. Sharell Shippen (UCC at Valley Forge, PA), and                              Debbie Gline Allen (AUCE) for this recorded webinar from the UCC's Thursdays for the Soul                  series on helping parents talk with their children about faith and challenging times.

Self Care

Articles for Church Leaders Related to COVID-19

General resources for congregations relating to COVID-19 

Resources Specifically for Children, Youth, & Families Related to COVID-19

Send Resources to Families Via E-mail

  • After your families have engaged in the activities and resources you send to them, encourage them to share via your church’s Facebook page and in other ways your congregation communicates. 

  • E-mail a skit or readers theatre to families to perform together on Zoom

Virtual Youth Group Meeting Ideas 

  • Hold a Bible study or other instructional opportunity like making bread, painting, prayer styles, etc.

  • Use the Whiteboard feature on Zoom to play games like Pictionary

  • Have a Movie Watch Party on Facebook

  • Ice Cream Party!

  • Dinner Date - eat dinner together with a grace and dinner conversation

  • Prayer Circle

  • Text daily affirmations

  • Play a favorite board game (as long as everyone has the same game at home)

  • Check-ins

  • Youth-led worship

  • Scavenger Hunt (search for household items related to a scripture or theme)

  • Talent Show

  • Story Circle

  • Chalk Your Own Driveway together

  • Some helpful hints from our Presbyterian siblings

  • Send us your ideas to share here!

Youth Ministry

Milestones During a Pandemic


Video Conferencing


  • If you want to use any music — recorded, lyrics only, printed lyrics & music — when you use video conferencing or sharing of recordings, remember that it requires licensing! Contact the publisher to request permission. Some publishers are granting permission for free, but not all of them.

  • Copyright and online story time; be sure to contact the publisher, not all of them are granting permission to have the reading of their books recorded

  • Many publishers and recording artists are granting permission to use their works during live-streaming; please BE SURE TO CONTACT THEM BEFORE YOU USE THEIR MATERIALS. Their art is their livelihood, and we in the United Church of Christ strive to do act justly.

Where to Find Resources/Activities to Send Home


  • Soulspace Christian Meditation (free) — with Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this

  • YouVersion — The Bible App for Kids (free) 

  • GroupMe - connect your families, your teens, other groups

Online Devotionals

Non-Digital Activities

  • Pair younger people with elders to write letters, send cards, and call to So give them ask what it was like for them growing up;  when things weren't so instant and travel what was scary for them when they were young, etc.


  • Capitalize on a season such as Lent to tweet 140 character prayers, quotes, scripture, etc. to send out daily.

Online Conversations

  • You can set up a private Facebook Group for your families to hold live or posted conversations, with photos and videos (Connect with the FB group “Online Church from PRC” if you need assistance) 

  • Google Hangouts is another platform for holding digital conversations with others

  • Look for storytellers and artists on Facebook who are sharing their gifts, such as Val Tutson, Mo Willems, and Yo-Yo Ma.

Websites for Nurturing Parents’ Faith

Create Your Own Podcast


Create Your Own Blog

  • Check to see if you can set up a blog page on your church’s website. Website builders like and allow you to set up a blog for free.

Create a “Traditional Session” for Online Use

  • Using online discussion boards with, you can set up a discussion board based learning on a topic of your choice that you design (free).

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