Resources for Households

Faith Formation resources for parents and caregivers while sheltering @ home

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Talking with children during pandemic times to help them stay calm and grounded


     Join Chris Davies (Faith INFO), Rev. Sharell Shippen (UCC at Valley Forge, PA), and Debbie Gline Allen (AUCE) for this recorded webinar from the UCC's Thursdays for the Soul series on helping parents talk with their children about faith and challenging times.

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Summer @ Home

The vast majority of resources listed on this page are all adaptable for use during the summertime. The following Vacation Bible School-style resources offer free samples to download.

Resources Specifically for Children, Youth, & Families Related to COVID-19

Making Virtual Connections with Extended Family Members

  • Share common activities together such as reading a storybook, creating and sharing artwork, singing, etc.

  • Use the Whiteboard feature on Zoom to play games like Pictionary

  • Have a Movie Watch Party on Facebook

  • Ice Cream Party!

  • Dinner Date - eat dinner together with a grace and dinner conversation

  • Pray together

  • Text daily blessings and/or statements of gratitude

  • Play a favorite board game (as long as everyone has the same game at home)

  • Scavenger Hunt (search for household items related to a theme or Bible story)

  • Talent Show

  • Story Circle

  • Chalk Your Own Driveway together

  • One of your own family traditions adapted to virtual sharing together

Christian Videos for Children and Families


  • Soulspace Christian Meditation (free) — with Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this

  • YouVersion — The Bible App for Kids (free) 

Faithful and Fun Activities

Books for Parents on Nurturing Faith in their Kids

Websites for Nurturing Parents’ Faith

Self Care

Non-Digital Activities

  • Don't forget the "old fashioned" ways of connecting to those you love and people in your church - sending cards, writing letters, making a phone call, mailing artwork and 2-dimensional crafts


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