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Networking with Colleagues

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Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Cohort

     You are invited to join the Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Leaders Cohort in The Damascus Project Network. This informal group of people, engaged in faith formation and youth ministry in all settings of the church, is organized by the Wisconsin Conference UCC. Members of the cohort are able to post resources, ask questions, provide answers and network on our Damascus Project cohort page. 

     In addition, on the first and third Thursdays (10 am to 11:30 am CT) a drop-in Zoom is offered for people to connect in real time. 

     Cohort members also have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of Damascus Project course offerings. 

     To join this group of faith formation and youth ministry leaders, or to get more information, please contact Lisa Hart, Associate Conference Minister for Faith Formation and Justice Ministries.

     For more information about the Damascus Project, a collaboration of the Minnesota and Wisconsin Conferences, visit

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