Job Listings


Posted November 16, 2021

Director of Children's & Youth Ministry
Westerville, OH
30 hours/week


The Director of Children's & Youth Ministry will engage children of all ages in worship, Sunday School, and youth group, and work with families to make church a meaningful part of the children's & youth's lives.


Posted September 30, 2021

Youth Program Coordinator
Menomonie, WI
10 hours/week


The Youth Program Coordinator will organize and lead weekly programs, outings, and service events, working closely with the Director of Faith Formation and the Christian Education Committee. May be combined with the Director of Faith Formation position.


Posted August 5, 2021

Minister of Faith Formation
Bar Harbor, ME
30 hours/week


The Minister of Faith Formation will nurture compelling interpersonal relationships and direct a broad array of faith formation programs for children, youth, families, & adults, as well as assist with worship and collaborate with community partners.


Posted October 20, 2021

Director for Faith Formation
Rocky Hill, CT
20 hours/week



The Director for Faith Formation will envision, nurture, and coordinate educational programs for all ages including intergenerational programming, interacting with the Faith Formation Ministry, church staff, and lay leaders.


Posted September 14, 2021

Camp Director
Pilgrim Lodge, Maine Conference UCC                                                    Full-time


The Camp Director will bring an entrepreneurial spirit being responsible for building a vibrant retreat ministry through outreach to the UCC and other churches and faith communities, educational groups and other not-for-profits, as well as involvement in other related ministries.


Posted May 28, 2021

Director for Children's and Middle School Ministry
Appleton, WI
40 hours/week (full-time)


The Director for Children's and Middle School Ministry provides leadership for birth through 8th grade promoting spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual growth with a sense of belonging and a deep sustainable Christian faith.


Posted September 30, 2021

Director of Faith Formation
Menomonie, WI
20 hours/week



The Director of Faith Formation will develop and lead faith-based learning and spiritual programming for children, youth, adults, and families, alongside intergenerational outreach. May be combined with the Youth Program Coordinator position.


Posted August 14, 2021

Youth Coordinator
Middleton, WI
20 hours/week


The Youth Coordinator will provide leadership, engagement, and management of middle & high school youth, building relationships between the youth, with the church family, and in the community, in cooperation with the Board of Christian Education & the Faith Formation Director.