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AUCE recommended

Equipping Programs for Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Leaders

Building Supportive Networks in Faith Formation
A UCC Tuesdays for the Soul webinar
featuring AUCE member, Lisa Hart, and other UCC faith formation leaders
Rev Dr. Chris Davies, former UCC Faith INFO Team Leader

AUCE recommended
Certificate Programs

Faith Formation Leadership Training & Certificate Program

Southern New England Conference,

United Church of Christ

Choose onsite or video conferenced classes designed to equip leaders for faith formation ministries. Select one or both training tracks:  faith formation and youth ministry. Take individual classes or the certification program.

PATHWAYS Theological Education

An Online Program in Progressive Theology

Whether you are on the path to authorized ministry, want to hone your current skills, or just want to explore your faith more deeply, we have a program for you. Includes the course, "Faith Formation and Spiritual Practices for Children, Youth, and Adults" course.

Offered through Southwestern College in Winfield, KS, a United Methodist institution that includes Christian education courses.


Yale Youth Ministry Insititute

Yale Divinity School

YMI promotes adolescent faith and flourishing in a diverse and changing world by conducting scholarship, equipping leaders, and resourcing youth ministries in and beyond Christian churches

New York School of Ministry

New York Conference,

United Church of Christ



Twelve webconferenced courses in a 3-year rotation with a 24-hour onsite fall event. Certificate programs available for supply preaching and ordained ministry.


Princeton Theological Seminary
Master of Arts in Christian Education & Formation

The MACEF is designed to prepare students for the ministry of education and formation in congregational and institutional settings, and to provide training for teaching the Christian religion in church or secular schools.

Damascus Project
Wisconsin & Minnesota Conferences,
United Church of Christ

Inspired by the story of Paul’s transformation on the road to Damascus, we exist to nurture vitality within the body of Christ through theological study and equipping leaders within congregations and communities.

Institute for Youth Ministry

Princeton Theological Seminary

IYM is committed to integrating theology and practice by collaborating with church leaders, congregations, and scholars to cultivate fresh thinking and imagination for ministry with young people.

AUCE recommended
Conferences, Workshops, Webinars, & Videos

Shadow on Concrete Wall

AUCE Regional Education Events
Great Lakes Region (fall)
Mid-Atlantic Region (spring)
New England Region (spring)

Click on a region above to learn more about their annual education event.

Above the Clouds

Lifelong Faith Training Videos
from Lifelong Faith Associates
Free video-based training to guide leaders in designing and leading faith formation with all ages and generations.​

Practical Resources for Churches (PRC)

Live webinars, and a catalog of previously recorded webinars, for faith formation and congregational life.


Vibrant Faith Masterclasses
from the staff at Vibrant Faith

A self-directed program for church teachers. Course A (Teaching Skills), Course B (Bible Background), and Course D (Discipleship) provide a well-rounded overview of each area in 12 sessions per course. 

Our Whole Lives Training
Throughout the United States

Implementing the nation’s most highly regarded sexuality education curriculum is a big responsibility. Training prepares facilitators to succeed in their role and enables your faith development team members to understand their own and others’ sexuality within the context of United Church of Christ values.

Thursdays for the Soul
and Tuesdays for Nurture

Timely webinars from the United Church of Christ.


Opening Doors to Discipleship from the Presbyterian Church USA

A self-directed program for church teachers. Course A (Teaching Skills), Course B (Bible Background), and Course D (Discipleship) provide a well-rounded overview of each area in 12 sessions per course. 

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