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Connecticut Association of United Church Educators (CAUCE) Sunsets

On December 15, 2021, twelve Connecticut Association of United Church Educators (CAUCE) members gathered for what would be their last CAUCE meeting. In previous decades, many states and UCC conferences had official local AUCE groups. CAUCE was the last of this iteration of AUCE, but it is time to sunset and place our focus on our involvement in our regional gathering, New England AUCE.

Those present decided unanimously to sunset CAUCE as they knew it, but continue gathering on occasion as a social, fellowship group with no structure or bylaws to adhere to. Those present also decided unanimously to close their bank account and send their $1240.55 remaining balance to the Southern New England Conference’s Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center’s Scholarship Fund, which will benefit children and youth participation in its summer camping programs.

There have been joys and sorrows, triumphs and loses, successes and failures along the way, but none of us could have done any of it without faith in God and the support of each other through CAUCE. Sadly, a month after our gathering, our dear CAUCE co-chair, Tracy Fouke Bausum, passed away, and it is in her memory and honor that I dedicate this article.

Debi Mastroni Kenyon sitting in a front pew

In Christ’s service,

Debi Mastroni-Kenyon

CAUCE Co-Chair

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