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Classic Newsletter Articles

from The Education Connection (AUCE Newsletter)



Outdoor Ministries = Educational Ministries by Bryan Breault


Educating the Newly Faithful by William C. Imes


What Are Faith Practices? by R. Kenneth Ostermiller


Faith Formation by Carol Wehrheim


Misbehaving Monarchs as Leadership Models? by Barbara Essex


Helping Educators Understand Politics by Thom Bower


Living the Faith at Home by Elizabeth F. Caldwell


Reality: Confirmation IS Graduation by Christopher D. Rodkey


A Turning Point for Curriculum: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going? by Frank Proctor


Solo But Not Alone: Practicing Faith Beyond the Program by Don C. Richter


Congregational Vitality and Ministry with Youth and Children by Anthony B. Robinson


Challenges for Christian Teaching Today by Karen-Marie Yust


Allowing God to Speak Through Bible Stories by Ivy Beckwith


Using Humor with Youth by Cuyler Black


Developing a Vibrant Theology of Christian Education by Rodger Nishioka


The Spiritual Guidance of Children by Jerome W. Berryman


Faith Formation for the 21st Century by John Roberto


Children In Worship by Caroline Fairless


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